Message from Management

MVDE was established as joint venture with VST Tillers Tractors in Jul 2007. We are a manufacturing, sales and service base that supplies small diesel engines from the historical city of Mysore in Southern India to the world.

Thanks to the wonderful support and patronage of customers, we reached the 10th Anniversary milestone.

Our mission is to deliver MHI diesel engines, highly evaluated for their performance and quality, to customers all around the world in need of compact-sized and reliable power sources.

All employees at MVDE are proud that our engines support numerous societies as power sources for tractors and agricultural machines, power shovels and other construction machinery, as well as generators and various other machines. As society develops the demand for compact diesel engines continues to increase. We aim to contribute to further social developments and the happiness of people today and in the future by promptly delivering even more high-performance diesel engines.

Mr. Kenji kawamoto, Managing Director

To Our Valued Supplier Partners!

On behalf of the entire team of MVDE, let me begin with an assurance of commitment to all our Valued Business Partners!
COVID19 has changed the entire way of working and kindled ideas of more digitisation to enhance more online information and less human contact.

MVDE had foreseen the need to bring a space where suppliers can view their information and keep themselves updated. The whole idea kick started last year and MVDE has gone one step ahead in staging an online platform for real time information sharing to its esteemed suppliers- “MVDE SUPPLIER PORTAL”.

One Stop Solution for all information related to all its Suppliers which can be accessed from your door step! MVDE SUPPLIER PORTAL has been made available at our official website.

MVDE is continuously improving its processes and I once again assure you of the best as always!

Thank you


Managing Director

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