Light Towers

One of the key equipment in construction & mining fields, though it can be used in any remote place as an alternate light source. MITSUBISHI DIESEL ENGINES are largely exported to US & Europe for Light towers. As demand for these equipments is growing in India too, there are major equipment manufacturers produce in domestic as well & MITSUBISHI DIESEL ENGINE is chosen by most of them !

Engine Model MVL2E MVL3E MVS3L2 MVS4L2 MVS4L2-T
Type 4-Cycle Water-cooled Diesel Engine
Aspiration Natural Aspirated TC
Number of Cylinders 2 3 3 4
Bore and Stroke (mm) 76 X 70 78X92
Displacement (cc) 635 952 1318 1758
Combustion system Swirl Chamber
Rated output* in kW 4.7 10.1 7.4 8.1 15.1 14.8 22.3 30.6 32
Rated Speed (RPM) 1500 3000 1500 1800 3000 1500 3000 3000 3000

*All ratings are without fan. Output may vary + or -5%

All spec & ratings are subject to change without prior notice

To Our Valued Supplier Partners!

On behalf of the entire team of MVDE, let me begin with an assurance of commitment to all our Valued Business Partners!
COVID19 has changed the entire way of working and kindled ideas of more digitisation to enhance more online information and less human contact.

MVDE had foreseen the need to bring a space where suppliers can view their information and keep themselves updated. The whole idea kick started last year and MVDE has gone one step ahead in staging an online platform for real time information sharing to its esteemed suppliers- “MVDE SUPPLIER PORTAL”.

One Stop Solution for all information related to all its Suppliers which can be accessed from your door step! MVDE SUPPLIER PORTAL has been made available at our official website.

MVDE is continuously improving its processes and I once again assure you of the best as always!

Thank you


Managing Director

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