Assembly Shop

The assembly shop has best in class equipment to produce diesel engines of different models and variants of different application. These include manipulators imported from Japan, Leak testers anti rust oil applicators and diesel & oildosing systems. Visual displays for easy reference of SOPs & quality alerts helps in producing defect free engines. Operators fatigue has been adequately taken care by in all the work stations by providing highly ergonomic pneumatic tools

In the test shop , engines are tested with eddy current dynamo meters using latest state of art engine testing softwares. Any leakage or defects are identified with hand held UV lamps leakage detectors.

Machine Shop

Engine cylinder block and cylinder head are manufactured in house using latest HMC and VMC machining centers. There is separate line for machining cylinder block and cylinder head. Leak testing machines helps to identify any defective components.Latest Fuji honing machine gets very Close dimensional tolerance for C/B bore.