Corporate Social Responsibility


Library Govt Girls School N R Mohalla


Little Sisters of
the Poor


Furniture Govt High School Harohalli


Balakiyara Balamandira Kitchen Cabinets


Balakiyara Balamandira Children Play Setup


Balakiyara Balamandira Dining Tables


Balakiyara Balamandira Children Play Setup:3


Balakiyara Balamandira Children Play Setup:1


Furniture- Govt High School Harohalli:1


Library –


Furniture- Govt High School- Harohalli:2


RO Plant – MG Koppal
Govt School


RO Plant – Govt High School, Harohalli


RO Plant –


Bunker Cots – Sarkari Balakiyara Balamandira


Oxygen Concentrator – Little Sisters of the Poor


Science Lab – M G Koppal Govt School


Kitchen Equipments – Kaliyuva Mane

our Motto

Close Ties With The Earth

Close Ties With The Society

Bridge To The Next Generation

Our Focus is On

  • Improving the infrastructure of schools
  • Welfare of the Old Age people in the society
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Environment
  • Sanitation and Hygiene

Journey So Far

  • We started our CSR activity in the year 2014-15 taking up the first project of cleaning up activity in an area near Ballal circle, Mysore.
  • We were keen to support children as we believe that they are the backbones of Indian future. Taking the same as the cue, we provided with science lab set up, furniture for schools near our factory premises and also kitchen equipments ,viz.
  • As a socially responsible company, we came forward to help the victims of Chennai Floods in 2015-16 and contributed to two trusts, viz.
  • Kaliyuva Mane – Run by Divya Deepa Charitable Trust – Kenchalagudu Village, Mysore;
  • Govt School – Govt Primary School – Metagalli, Mysore;
  • Govt School – Govt High School – M.G.Koppal, Mysore
  • Little Drops – Chennai
  • Sai Priya Banduthva Charitable trust – Chennai
  • Govt High School- M.G.Koppal;
  • Martalli Village – Around 100 kms from Mysore
  • Govt Girls Home – Mysore
  • Some of the platforms and the reservation counter at the “Mysore Railway Station” were to be spruced up and we provided stainless steel seatings for the comfort of the passengers which was well appreciated by the department.
  • To care for those who ones cared for us! We extended our support to an old age home run by the “Little Sisters of the Poor” by sponsoring a day’s meal every year during the Christmas season. Further, we visit the home and spend some time with the inmates by entertaining them with skits, dance and games.
  • We contributed medical beds, surgical trolleys for the sick inmates of the home.
  • Our key project for 2017-18 was the transformation of the Govt Girls Home by providing complete set of child play items and create an environment for the inmates to lead a normal childhood.
  • Ensuring safe drinking water to the school children – With this motive behind, we set up RO plant at the Sarkariya Balakiyara Balamandira(Govt Girls Home, Mysore) We also provided dining tables and kitchen cabinets.
  • We installed two more RO plants, one at Government High School,M G Koppal and another at Govt High School – Jayapura,Harohalli Village, Mysore, wherein we also supported by contributing furniture for the children.
  • MVDE sponsored two libraries undertaken through Kalisu Foundation under its library project “Jnanalaya”, in two Govt. schools at Vinayakanagara and N.R.Mohalla, Mysore.

To Our Valued Supplier Partners!

On behalf of the entire team of MVDE, let me begin with an assurance of commitment to all our Valued Business Partners!
COVID19 has changed the entire way of working and kindled ideas of more digitisation to enhance more online information and less human contact.

MVDE had foreseen the need to bring a space where suppliers can view their information and keep themselves updated. The whole idea kick started last year and MVDE has gone one step ahead in staging an online platform for real time information sharing to its esteemed suppliers- “MVDE SUPPLIER PORTAL”.

One Stop Solution for all information related to all its Suppliers which can be accessed from your door step! MVDE SUPPLIER PORTAL has been made available at our official website.

MVDE is continuously improving its processes and I once again assure you of the best as always!

Thank you


Managing Director

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