MVDE Quality Policy

Procurement Policy

MVDE invites potential vendors having capability to supply Diesel engine components. MVDE intends to procure for its own diesel engine production requirementsn in India and also for its Parent company MHI Japan.

Suppliers must be capable of providing defect-free products that meets design intent, and on-time delivery.

For Potential new suppliers of MVDE, we outline the minimum activities and quality performance required of the supplier’s quality management system and of delivered products or services. We team with suppliers who have made or demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement in their product quality. It is our intent to develop desirable and mutually beneficial long-term alliances with these suppliers.

MVDE intends to be the highest quality manufacturer of Engines . In order to accomplish this MVDE is teaming with suppliers that share our vision of the future and are committed to these goals. These suppliers can enhance MVDE's success and ensure their own future by supplying zero-defect products, competitively priced, in a reliable supply chain environment.

Quality System certification Requirements

MVDE's vendors are expected to develop quality systems meeting ISO /TS 16949. ISO 9001, which is a minimum criteria in developing and maintaining quality systems in their organisations.

This will be reviewed every year by MVDE to ensure continuity and effectiveness through supplier audits at intervals.

Vendor Evaluation and selection

All prospective vendors will be evaluated for compliance to Quality system requirement and other confirmations like capacity, financial health etc.

Vendor Registration

Eligible Suppliers who have under gone evaluation and selection process will have to register as a Vendor for MVDE .Registration process is a prerequistie for all the subsequent purchasing processes.MVDE will scrutinize the same and if found acceptable will register the vendor for the Product.

Purchase Contract

Vendors who will become registered vendors for MVDE, will have to sign Purchase contract agreement encompassing all the aspects of procurement with main emphasis of commitment to delivery as per schedules and responsibility to potential losses due to non delivery.

Sample Development

MVDE will provide necessary support technicaly for development of sample part until validation. All sample parts are to be made from the production tooling to ensure consistency in Pilot and bulk batches.

Supplier to declare at the time of sample submission that the samples are made from production tooling.

Once sample lots are accepted , Bulk supplies to start after PPAP acceptance of Pilot lot.

Vendor Performance

All vendors will be monitored on the basis of Delivery and Quality and MVDE will support to improve your performance through regular audits.

On continous monitoring of suppliers and after gaining their confidence, we move towards making them "Self Certified" suppliers.