MVDE Quality Policy

Company Profile

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries-VST Diesel Engines Private Ltd. (MVDE) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.,(MHI) in Japan and VST Tillers and Tractors Ltd., (VST) Bangalore was established in July 2007 at Mysore. Our core production consist of assembling Mitsubishi Diesel Engines models up to 24.1 kw rpm. We also sell Mitsubishi Diesel Engine Genuine Spare Parts and provide after-sales technical support for the Mitsubishi Diesel Engines.

Mitsubishi Diesel Engines are the all-important power source necessary for driving the machinery that helps sustain daily life. These engines also function as the core of electric power generating systems. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries manufactures 0.3 to 42,000 kW, and its General machinery & Special Vehicle Headquarters, Japan handles the production for these Diesel Engines. In addition, the Mysore works produces Diesel Engines in the range of 8.0 to 25 kW.

Each one of us take a global perspective in addressing the issues and dreams of humankind. We go beyond merely refining existing technologies; instead, we integrate diverse technologies based on totally new concepts in pursuit of more advanced solutions.

We are committed to moving ahead with the enthusiasm, sense of mission and pride of an enterprise of true engineering excellence, and we constantly challenge ourselves to create a better future.